Two families have a tough time dealing with a revenge-seeking spirit, which is strangely connected with one of its members.In an industry where there is no dearth for horror films of various fashions, Aval managed to create attention, because of some tall claims from the makers. Based on a true incident, the movie starts against the backdrop of a hill station somewhere in the north east region. Set in 1930s, a Chinese family, comprising of a father, a mother (who is expecting baby), and a daughter is introduced. A tragedy happens in their life, after which we are taken to the present time. The beginning is impressive, for, the premise has been set up for a spooky plot in a huge stand-alone house surrounded by hills in an unusual place, the locations we get to see in an average Tamil horror movie...

  • Running Time:

    2hr 17 min

  • Genre:


  • Director:

    Milind Rau

  • Cast:

    Siddharth,Andrea Jeremiah

  • Release Date:

    November 3, 2017