Project Details


  • (5.5 Rating)
  • Time : 2hr 36 min
  • April 14, 2017
  • Director : P. Vasu
  • Cast : Raghava Lawrence, Ritika

Films Story

Shivalinga’ comes from P.Vasu and Raghava Lawerence, the two pioneers of the now extremely popular Horror-comedy genre in Tamil cinema. While the duo have teamed up for the first time that too for the remake of Vasu’s Kannada blockbuster. With the comedy king Vadivelu and the super talented actress Ritika Singh on board, the expectations for the film among family audience was huge. Let’s see how the film has lived up to its promise.

Raheem (Sakthivel Vasu) is a kind hearted innocent cook. He is murdered during a train journey by a mysterious person. The police close the case registering it as a suicide. However his lover Sangeetha believes Raheem is not a coward to commit suicide. On her insistence, the police transfer the case to the CBCID and the higher official of the department (Madhuvanthi) deputes an expert officer Shivalingeshwar aka Shivalinga (Raghava Lawrence) to investigate the case. Shivalinga marries Sathya (Ritika Singh) and shifts to a new bungalow in Vellore to investigate the murder. Sara, a pigeon owned by Rahim gives some initial clues in Shivalinga’s investigation. Later Sathya is possessed by Rahim’s spirit and it refuses to leave her until Shivalinga finds the murderer and punishes him.