Project Details

Vikram Vedha

  • (5.5 Rating)
  • Time : 2hr 27 min
  • July 21, 2017
  • Genre : Thriller / Crime
  • Director : Pushkar, Gayatri
  • Cast : R. Madhavan Vijay Sethupathi Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Films Story

The film, to be produced by Sashikanth’s Y Knot Studios has the cat and mouse game between an encounter cop (Maddy) and a gangster (Vijay Sethupathi) as the core subject. It has been reported that popular character actor, John Vijay will play the main villain and is said to don three getups. When we got in touch with the husband –wife duo Pushkar and Gayathri they said that pre-production work is in full swing and an official announcement on all things concerned about ‘Vikram-Veda’ will be made soon.

This is also why we do not fall in love entirely with the film. Even as we admire how cool the actors look and perform, how elegant PS Vinod’s visuals are, how poetic the concept of Yaanji, the romantic track involving Vikram and Priya is (their story unfolds even as they are unpacking their stuff) and how electric Sam Cs’s score is, something seems amiss. And that something is lack of gravitas. The reason why Vikram is so obsessed over Vedha is never convincingly established — we get the routine similar men on different sides of a line explanation, but in a film that is so well thought-out, this angle doesn’t feel that compelling.